Driving Instructor Training

Become a Driving Instructor

40hrs In-car training 

including 3 months access  to our

online training platform


simply pay as you go for your


plus £100 for 3 months access to

our online training platform

PAYG – £40ph

*Training sessions are usually 2hrs weekly Part 2 and 4hrs Part 3 but can be tailored to suit individual needs*

Supplement your training with our on-

demand driving instructor training platform

developed by an award-winning team with

over 35 years’ experience in the industry, you

can  be sure to recieve unparalleled training

and support.

So what exactly do I need to do to become a Driving Instructor?

Part 1 Test – Theory and Hazard Perception.

100 multiple choice questions.
85% pass mark (minimum of 20 out of 25 in each of the 4 question bands).
Hazard Perception Pass Mark 57 out of 75.
Cost of test £90.

Part Two Test – Driving Ability.
Drive for 1 hour completing the following exercises:
– 4 manoeuvres
– Controlled stop
– Independent driving
– 5 vehicle check questions
6 driving faults, 0 serious faults, 0 dangerous faults.
Cost of test £111.

Part Three Test – Instructional Ability.
Examiner sits in the back for 45mins watching you teach

How much will I really earn?

Here’s what the big national schools don’t tell you…….

An example of how a franchise might work with me

30 hours at £32.50 = £975

Expenses: Fuel £80 per week, Franchise fee per week £50, total £130. You must supply your own car and have appropriate insurance.

£845 earnings per week but remember this is a self employed job so this is before your Tax and National Insurance is deducted.So before Tax and National Insurance if you work 48 weeks a year you could  earn £40,560. 

But remember that’s only if you maintain 30 hours a week, some weeks could be 20 hours some could be 40. You can expect good weeks and bad weeks so realistically it’s impossible to say exactly how much you will earn.

When you take into account that our franchise fee is less than most other Driving Schools it puts it into perspective just how many hours you would really need to do to earn what most Driving Schools claim you can earn, at the end of the day do you want to work 7 days a week to earn £30,000 per year and can they really supply you with that many pupils? 

But, you are your own boss and can go on holiday whenever you choose, and work the hours you choose.


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