Driving Instructors Wanted



ADI Wanted for Swansea/NeathPT/Llanelli Area Franchise

Includes – Free marketing (Page one Google, business cards etc)

– Calls answered and pupils booked into your online diary (only for first lesson then you have complete control over your diary)

– Established school with good reputation

-Immediate supply of pupils

£50 per week Franchise Fee – (please note we charge £30 per hour for manual driving lessons so the calculations below will need to be revised )

You may have seen some Driving Schools claiming you can earn £30,000 per year some even say £50,000 per year, while £30,000 may be possible we would be very surprised if a Driving Instructor could really earn £50,000. £30,000 is possible but it would mean doing a lot of lessons each week.

With Iwan Williams School Of Motoring you will get a state of the art online diary and booking system where pupils will be booked straight into your diary. After each lesson the pupil will automatically get a text receipt and and email with their syllabus scores. The day before the lesson your pupil will get a reminder text also stating that there will be a charge if they do not attend (has cut our cancelations by 80%!) All you need is an internet enabled smartphone to run it with.

Example of how a Franchise would work with me (this is not a guarantee)

31 hours at £30 = £930 

Expenses: Fuel £80 per week, Franchise fee per week £50, total £130. You must supply your own car and have appropriate insurance.

£800 earnings per week but remember this is a self employed job so this is before your Tax and National Insurance is deducted.

So before Tax and National Insurance if you work 48 weeks a year you could  earn £38,400. 

But remember that’s only if you maintain 31 hours a week, some weeks could be 20 hours some could be 40. You can expect good weeks and bad weeks so realistically its impossible to say how much you will earn.

When you take into account that our franchise fee is less than most other Driving Schools it puts it into perspective just how many hours you would really need to do to earn what most Driving Schools claim you can earn, at the end of the day do you want to work 7 days a week to earn £30,000 per year and can they really supply you with that many pupils

But, you are your own boss and can go on holiday whenever you choose, and work the hours you choose.

 Over 21 years old.
 Held a full car licence for over 3 years.
 Less than 6 penalty points on your licence.
 No non-motoring offences.


To get the ADI CRB Application Forms call 0121 556 5570.Complete and return to them with requested documents. When you receive your CRB certificate, register online with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

You will receive a letter from the DSA saying you are on the register, quoting your Personal Reference Number and explaining how to book your first exam.

Part 1 Test – Theory and Hazard Perception.
100 multiple choice questions.
85% pass mark (minimum of 20 out of 25 in each of the 4 question bands).
Hazard Perception Pass Mark 57 out of 75.
Cost of test £90.

Part Two Test – Driving Ability.
Drive for 1 hour completing the following exercises:
 4 manoeuvres
 Controlled stop
 Independent driving
 5 vehicle check questions
6 driving faults, 0 serious faults, 0 dangerous faults.
Cost of test £111.

Part Three Test – Instructional Ability.
2 x ½ hour lessons with the examiner role playing a pupil of different levels. (Novice & Trained).