Instructor Testimonials

Made a friend for life in Iwan , had a franchise with him for 3 years and in that time Iwan was nothing but helpful in getting me to becoming an ADI and in getting my diary full in no time at all . He was also very helpful through the very difficult times of Covid lockdowns, he would be there for me in giving advice and financial support in these very difficult times , if you’re interested in becoming an instructor or are an instructor looking for a local franchise then Iwan Williams driving school is the best around . Good rates with a top diary organisation APP included in the franchise. Really can’t go wrong 🚗😍👍
Darren Rees
I would highly recommend Iwan to anyone wanting to become a qualified ADI. He helped me massively on my journey with excellent advice and experience. The service he offers is perfect for PDI’s with continuous support when you need it alongside fantastic advice from others under his guidance. He is informative, courteous and trustworthy and offers a complete package from day one. He will help guide you through your journey and make the process enjoyable. I can say with certainty I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help and support along the way and I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to have worked with him to help achieve my goals. Thank you very much Iwan 🚘
James Smith
I have known Iwan professionally for twenty years and I can honestly say this franchise has been, and still is, perfect for me. Low fees, diary and online office takes away all the hassle leaving us instructors free to do what we do best. Pupils really appreciate text receipts and lesson reminders (which are all completely automated) and, occasionally when there is a problem like a double booking or a change of address, the team of instructors can usually help out. Great team, great company.
Stuart O’Brien
Highly recommend Iwan Williams School of motoring! I joined the school as a pdi and instantly felt like I was a part of a team. Iwan and all the instructors are always on hand to offer advice and help if you need it. Everyone is friendly and meet socially, sharing experiences and knowledge. A great place to start and continue your journey as an adi.
Emma Jones
My name is Kevin Gwynne and I QUALIFIED as an A.D.I 18 months ago. Previously I was a builder for over 30 years. During my latter years I was keen to change career to something less physical. After deciding to become a driving instructor I started trawling the internet to find the best way to train and move forward with the process. Most of the advertisements seemed to have a lot of small print and everything looked unnecessarily complicated. I was then lucky enough to find Iwan's website and was impressed by the clarity and straightforwardness of it. I called Iwan the next day and have never looked back. I joined Iwan on a pink licence and whenever I needed help or advice he was always there to help. Iwan is a great guy, honest and totally upfront with everything. So glad I chose Iwan Williams driving school to get me through my training and the following 18 months. Can't recommend him enough, cheers Iwan.
Kev Gwynne
I have had a franchise with Iwan Williams for the past 10 months. As a PDI I need help and support along my way to become a ADI and I have that with Iwan. He helped me with the paperwork to get my pink license and set me up with a online diary and pupil’s. As this is a completely new career path for myself I have needed help. The training I have received has been fantastic. Also the opportunity to be able to sit in on lessons has been brilliant to see how to deliver lessons in a professional way. Iwan is always on the end of the phone. With help and support. When ever I open my diary for new pupils the slots are always quickly filled. I would highly recommend a franchise with Iwan. You will have the freedom of picking your own hours and being self employed. But you will feel that you are not alone and that you are part of the Iwan Williams team which is so nice.
Bex Killbane
I’ve been a driving instructor for 18 years, since August 2005, and first met Iwan in 2006. I was privileged to become the first driving instructor to team up with Iwan, 5 years later, on 1st October 2011 and remained as part of the team until my retirement earlier this year. It was the best career move I ever made. It removed the shackles of admin work and allowed me to do what I did best, teach people to drive, knowing that Iwan had my back covered at all times. My diary was always full and the low cost franchise fees were extremely helpful compared to previous franchise fees I’d encountered. At last, I was enjoying the job I always loved and the success that went with it. Over the years I watched Iwan Williams Driving School evolve into one of, if not, the best and most successful driving schools in the Swansea and surrounding areas. I’m honoured to know Iwan and regard him as a life long mate. Also, every instructor who is, or was, part of the team, including those who trained to become top class instructors. So, if you’re interested in either training to become a driving instructor or, do what I did and free yourself of all the administration involved in driving instructing, then give Iwan Williams a phone call. You won’t be disappointed. Good luck everyone!
Clive Strangward
ADI (retired)
After doing hairdressing since school (let's just say over 10years ago :)) I decided it was time for a big change. I knew straight away I didn't want to be part of a huge firm and feel like I was back in a classroom when it came to the theory parts of learning, or be tied into something that at this point I had no idea if I'd be any good or if I had what it takes or even if I'd like it, and so I found Iwan. From the first initial chat on the phone I knew I had found a fantastic mentor/coach and when I met him this was confirmed, Iwan is so easy to talk to like as though I'd known him for years, he offered me so much support throughout my training and afterwards if I ever need it to. Always happy to give advice on anything I wanted to know, any random questions or even something like what cars he'd recommend. Never too pushy but always encouraging and all at my own pace, and with having a "pay as you go" option made trying to juggle my salon and family life work perfectly for me. I honestly could not recommend Iwan enough! I don't think I would have seen it through without him. I love being a driving instructor.
Jacqui Mepham